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Jul 31

VinoMan Dictionary – WineGasm

Did you know that July 31 is National Orgasm Day? WineGasm (wayn-gaz-uh m) – 1. The feeling of euphoric glee and finding a wine being sought for special brand name, vintage, kind or even price, any of which can make the bottle rare and/or desirable. 2. A wine bar in Astoria, NY

Jul 30

The Reviews are in!

The Week of Wine was a smashing success! We had a total blast this week hanging out with all you Vinomaniacs…and we drank a LOT of wine! Check out a few of the nice comments we got: @kimincuse – thanks to @VinoManGary for putting on a fantastic wine tasting! If you’ve never visited Vinomania in Syracuse, …

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Jul 29

Only one day left…

Tonight is your last chance to stop into Vinomania and sample over 50 great wines…for free. Yes, FREE. Zero, zip, nada. There are tons of cool things to do in Downtown Syacuse during the summer, but free wine??? It’s pretty tough to top that. Look how much fun we’ve been having this week… Bottoms up! Will …

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Jul 28

It’s a tough job….

…but someone has to do it – sampling 50 wines is no small task! We had another great turnout on Wednesday as the Fabulous, FREE Week of Wine rolls on. Guests have a new selection of vino to sample each day There were yummy snacks to nibble on As everyone worked their way from station to station With so many …

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Jul 27

Week of Wine – Day 1

The Week of Wine got off to great start on Monday! Thank you so much to everyone who came out. Guests sampled 50 different wines, and gave us feed back on what they liked, what they loved and what they could live without. Everyone worked their way around the stations set up throughout the store… beginning with white …

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Jul 26

Looking for a fun wedding gift for your win-o friends?

It’s wedding season! Tired of trying to figure out how much money to put in the card? P.S…..five bucks hasn’t cut it since 1960 Or have you been gifting your friends with the old standby toaster? Here’s a fabulous wedding gift idea: Three bottles of great wine (pick your price point). One to drink now, one to drink in a year and …

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Jul 25

Wine Of The Week-2009 Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc

Can you imagine being in Napa Valley right now drinking fine, crisp white wine on the veranda of a nice restaurant? You can? Wow, your imagination is better than mine… I, on the other hand, will be drinking a 2009 Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc at my friend’s house in Solvay. Twin Trees pizza, a nice antipasta …

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Jul 22

Easy Mushroom Appetizers

Great wine is only only half the battle…having a few tasty appetizers in your entertaining arsenal will really get your party swinging. You need: 1 package of button mushrooms 1 package of red seedless grapes 1 box of Boursin garlic cheese Butter and Parmesan cheese Pop the stems out of the mushrooms and rinse well. Place cap down …

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Jul 20

Wine Of A Lifetime- 1999 Albert Bichot Pommard

If you do just ONE thing for yourself this week, come down and buy a bottle of this wine: 1999 Burgundy at it’s finest…you’ll rarely get an opportunity to taste aged Burgundy at it’s peak. DO NOT miss this chance or you will cry for a week. Don’t be the person who has to listen to their …

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Jul 19

Follow Vinomania on Twitter…

Yup, the VinoMan is tweeting…I am @VinoManGary.

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