Monthly Archive: December 2011

Dec 30

The Future Of Wine

Beam me up Scotty and get me some frozen wine and some space food sticks. Frozen wine? Are you serious? Maybe… The world of wine is changing fast, and to keep up with it you might want to try one of the new wine apps. But who to trust? I played around with an app …

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Dec 29

Quote of the Day

“A single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration. The nerves are braced, the imagination is stirred, the wits become more nimble. A bottle produces the opposite effect.” ~ Winston Churchill

Dec 28

Smoked Sausage Cups

Easy recipe for a football game or a not-so-formal dinner party. Drink some dry Riesling or a Chenin Blanc with these quick apps. Smoked Sausage Cups All purpose flour 1 sheet Pepperidge Farm puff Pastry 6 ounces kielbasa diced 2 tablespoons orange marmalade 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard Chopped Parsley Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. …

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Dec 27

Fun Wine Facts

The speed of a popped champagne cork ranges between thirty five and one hundred miles per hour. (!!!)

Dec 26

Wine Of The Week- 1998 Jacquart Champagne

Vintage Champagne at $35.00 a bottle. Vintage Champagne at $35.00 a bottle! I just wanted to say it twice so no one missed the killer news. One customer (a champagne head) called me to say it was even better than Dom.(!!!) The aging part is what makes this creamy, toasty, vanilla beauty delicious. Get it …

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Dec 22

Holiday Spirits – Breckenridge Vodka and Bourbon

“Vodka with altitude” is how this spirit blend from Colorado is marketed. Natural snow melt made to filter through coconut shell charcoal strips for purity tells me why I must drink this. If that doesn’t tell you something about their standards for excellence, how about a Bourbon that just ranked in the top three Bourbons …

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Dec 22

Holiday Spirits – Prichards Double Barreled Bourbon

“Classy effort”, “limited offering”, and “thoroughbred” are some of the comments made about this fine, top shelf product. This corn-rye Bourbon has a raisony fruitness over the nose making it a delight to drink. Starting with a proof of 120 and then rebarreled to come down to 90 proof, the wood gives it a caramel …

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Dec 21

Holiday Spirits – Gioia Lemoncello

To make this a true Lemoncello, by law the lemons must be produced in the Amalfi region of Italy. The Maresca family has produced this product for 30 years using no artificial flavorings, just a high concentration of lemon peels. This alcohol infused liquor is great after dinner as a digestivo straight out of the …

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Dec 21

Holiday Spirits – No.209 Gin and Bols Genever Gin

What a present! Let’s start with the Bols, made from the original 1820 recipe. A smooth, subtle malty flavor comes from the 50% malt wine long fermented rye, corn and wheat triple distilled in copper pots. This product is then infused with select botanicals giving it it’s unique flavor. Any product that has been made for …

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Dec 20

Holiday Spirits – Grande Absinthe

For inspiration, artists Degas, Manet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec drank Absinthe. Writers Ernest Hemingway and Oscar Wilde were known to imbibe. Need I say more? You want insight into your life? Try some of the “Green Fairy”. This product was banned in the U.S.A. from 1912 to 2007. The original recipe made from wormwood has …

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