Monthly Archive: August 2012

Aug 31

Spirit Of The Week – Wemyss Scotch Whisky

Wemyss (Pronounced Weems) handcrafted this 8-year old Scotch with the love and quality that comes with time – 800 years to be exact, which tells me they must be making some high quality scotch. Smooth Gentleman is the name of this particular scotch and smooth it is…..get that cigar you have been saving out of the …

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Aug 30

Wine of the Week – 2011 Juan Gil Dry Muscat

Muscat grape can be made into dry, sweet or sparkling wine. This one happens to be the dry variety. Fresh fruit and citrus with a refreshing mouth feel makes this wine perfect for seafood or smoked salmon. Squeeze in that last summer grilling with clams on the barby and this Spanish dream. Price: $10.99

Aug 27

Easy party app – Sesame Spinach Spread

The dog days of summer call for easy recipes so we can get back in the pool….here’s a no-brainer for your next party: Sesame Spinach Spread Ingredients: 1 cup sour cream 1 cup chopped green onions 1 teaspoon garlic salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon sesame seeds, toasted 1 10oz package frozen chopped spinach, well …

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Aug 23

Spirit of the Week – Love Potion #9

If your my age, you probably remember the song by the same name as this cordial… if not, no biggie. This yummy spirit is made with a cane base like rum and it smells like Maraschino cherries with a taste of light honey. Get your partner and enjoy some after dinner for a sweet ending. …

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Aug 21

Wine Of The Week – 2009 Tamas Zinfandel

This should be the deal of the week because the price at $9 is fabulous!!! Rich, intense flavor of strawberry and soft tannins. Perfect for the last barbeque of the summer. Take advantage of the 10 cases that I have left….oops, make that nine (I saved one for myself). Price: $8.99

Aug 06

Spirit Of The Week – Zabov

It’s time for a funky cordial from Italy that has been made for over 65 years. And who else could bring it to you besides VinoMan??? The cordial is a Zabaglione flavored after dinner treat. Zabaglione, you say? Never heard of it you say? Probably because it’s based on a delicious Italian custard flavored with …

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Aug 02

Wine Of The Week- 2010 Quatro Mani Toh-Kai

This crisp aromatic white summer blaster is made from the Toh-Kai grape grown in Slovenia. That last sentence alone should make you come in and buy this wine…..try it with some red pepper hummus or grilled fish from the lake. The acidity will astound you! Price $ 12.99