Monthly Archive: March 2014

Mar 26

Spirit of the Week – Don Felix Anejo Tequila

It’s not traditional weather for drinking Tequila but rules are meant to be broken, right?   This limited edition Anejo is THE best tequila I have ever drank, drunk, drewnk. Well, one of those words should cover it…. Smooth and made to be sipped. This bottle will go a long way if you don’t invite …

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Mar 04

Giguiere Muque and Antico Fuoco Rosso

  Two brand-new flavor bombs in the store….   First, the Giguiere Musque chardonnay with the muscato grape cloned with the chardonnay giving this wine a fruity base with a hint of sweetness. Great for any holiday involving Aunts or Uncles, you know what I mean? They tend to like an easy drinking wine.   …

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