Monthly Archive: October 2014

Oct 31

Pumpkin King Cordial

  Small but powerful in flavor, this little goody is made for the elite party-goers. Turn on your friends with a glass of class. Price: $25.00

Oct 30

Ghoulish Tequilas

  Kah tequilas are famous for flavor and high quality style….pick up one for your high class Halloween party.

Oct 29

Zombie Apocalypse Vodka…. BWWWWAAAAHHHHHHAAAAA

Try this five times distilled clean vodka for the elite taste….scare up a Martini fit for your next Monster Mash Bash.

Oct 14

Spirit of the Week – Amarula

Amarula is a fruit from South Africa and this cream based cordial is a stunning example of old world taste. Fruity and smooth this can be put into your coffee or served on the rocks. Turn your next holiday party dessert course into a dream finishing with this balanced product. Price: $30.00

Oct 09

Wine Ring Wine Tasting at Vinomania

Come taste the lands of Sardinia and Sicily, all around Italy and beyond! We will be pouring wines from the Sulcis of Sardinia to the hills of Sicily, across Europe and the Americas. We’ll have dozens of wines for your tasting pleasure – so come join us! • Friday, October 10th at 4 – 6.30 …

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Oct 08

Wine of the Week – 2009 Star Lane Cabernet

This wine is from Happy Canyon in Santa Barbara and the taste is reminiscent of Napa. 100% Cabernet,  this wine comes out of the bottle ready to drink – no decanting or airing, just tasty & delicious deep red. Price: $32.00