Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 25

Easter Beauties at Vinomania

Two wonderful wines for the Easter holiday or any special occasion are the Barnard Griffin Riesling or Zinzilla Zinfandel. The first has that great crisp apple acidity with some sweetness to balance it. The second is a monster fruit bomb from California. Both will go great with a salty ham or a salty aunt. Hey,  …

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Mar 13

‘Tis Time For A Bit O’Ireland

Two monster single malt Irish Whiskeys to warm your shamrocks. Both contain some peat, which gives them a scotch-like finish and major depth and body. Dried malt barley with a smoky taste makes this a mouthful o’flavor. Git your Irish on and spend a buck…..St. Patty’s is only once a year. 😉 Tyrconnell: $35 Connemara: $52

Mar 12

Merry’s Irish Cream

Hey,  I’m part Irish and I like quality at a fair price! Merry’s Irish cream has great taste and works in place of Baileys at half the price. Chilled or on the rocks or over ice cream this cordial will satisfy anyone. Great to keep around for St. Paddy’s or just to put in coffee. …

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Mar 05

Uisce Beatha Irish Whiskey

Time for the real deal….invented by medieval Irish monks (sounds like a mean group) as their own ” Water of Life”,  this product is now aged in old bourbon barrels for at least four years before you can get it. A blend of single malt and grain whiskey to ensure smooth flavor with a hint …

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