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Oct 27

California Dreaming Wine Trio

Glass Mountain and Primary Wine at Vinomania

This week we’re featuring three classically styled wines from the best region in California – Glass Mountain chardonnay has a crisp taste with a pineapple, apricot finish. Fabulous for a fall Sunday and grilled shrimp. Primary white is the buttery, rich style of chardonnay excellent alone or with roasted Tuscan chicken on the bone. The …

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Aug 11

Wine of the Week – 2012 Protos Verdejo

This has got to be one of the best deals I’ve gotten in a long time… of Spain’s best producers has created a crisp clean white for the tail end of the summer. The Verdejo grape shows balanced acidity and a touch of fruit over the nose. Normally $16 a bottle, but through crafty buying …

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Apr 09

Wines of the Week – New Age & Monjardin

Castillo de Monjardin is a Spanish old vine Garnacha aged for six months in oak, making it the perfect early season grilling wine. A fruity nose and deep cherry finish makes this a winner. New Age’s blend of Torrontes and Sauvignon Blanc works great over ice with a squeeze of lime. Kinda like a winey margarita. …

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Jul 25

Wine Of The Week – 2010 Campos de Luz

The blend of 50% Viura , 40% Chardonnay and 10% Muscat produces a bone dry, rich flavored white from Spain. Every once in a while a deal like this comes around so grab some while it’s here. If you come into the store you can get 20% off this month. This wine comes down to …

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May 30

Wine Of The Week – 2012 Arca Nova Vinho Verde

Portugal’s Vinho Verdes always have a low alcohol (10.5) and a little spritz to make them easy drinking for the summer lunches or before dinner. Very dry, crisp finish made for Asian cuisine or Mediterranean food is a trademark for these wines. Taking some sliced fruit like oranges or watermelon and putting it in a …

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Dec 19

Wine of the Week – 2011 Chamine

Ahh,  another Portuguese earthy red with hints of game and a bright juicy finish… Robert Parker gives this deal an 86 rating, and this is the perfect time for some winter grilling and a good hearty red like this one. Git while the gittin’ is good, because this wine won’t be here long. Price: $10.00

Oct 08

Wine Of The Week – 2011 Thresher Sauvignon Blanc

This crisp, un-oaked thrilli from Chile is a grand winner. Clean, crisp acidity makes this wine perfect for swordfish in a parcel or chicken piccata and for the money you won’t find a better deal. My search for value vino is a full time job, but for you I work 24/7. 🙂 Price: $10.00

Sep 24

Wine of The Week – 2008 Dragon’s Hollow

Deep red Cabernet with medium tannins and a nose of mint and blackberry….different not because it’s from China,  but because it has a light appearance and a full bodied taste. Chinese Cabernet is something everyone should try just for the wow factor. Price: $9.00

Aug 21

Wine Of The Week – 2009 Tamas Zinfandel

This should be the deal of the week because the price at $9 is fabulous!!! Rich, intense flavor of strawberry and soft tannins. Perfect for the last barbeque of the summer. Take advantage of the 10 cases that I have left….oops, make that nine (I saved one for myself). Price: $8.99

Jun 25

Wine Of The Week – Casal Garcia Vinho Tinto

Casal Garcia red is a fruity wine offering enticing red berry notes and a silky structure with soft tannins. A simple blend of Portuguese grapes makes this an everyday all purpose wine, and the light body will go great in the heat of this summer. Get a light chill going on this vino and start …

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