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Jan 05

Quick Wine & Cheese Picks

How about a crash course in wine and cheese pairing? Nothing too deep, but these ideas will give you a start in the cheese and wine world. Triple Cream Brie with a champagne or good sparkling wine Gruyere matched up with a tart, crisp Sauvignon Blanc Cabot Cheddar along side a fruity California Cabernet Manchego …

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Jul 22

Easy Mushroom Appetizers

Great wine is only only half the battle…having a few tasty appetizers in your entertaining arsenal will really get your party swinging. You need: 1 package of button mushrooms 1 package of red seedless grapes 1 box of Boursin garlic cheese Butter and Parmesan cheese Pop the stems out of the mushrooms and rinse well. Place cap down …

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Jul 05

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo (No, I didn’t swear…)

Abruzzo (the region) is about two thirds mountain and one third hills, which makes it a very favorable place for the Trebbiano grape to grow. This grape produces refreshing crisp wines like the 2010 Masciarelli that are made for summer salads and fresh fish off the grill. Grab some good olive oil and mix in capers, …

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Jul 01

Fourth of July Banger

Just ran across an article in Wine Spectator about combining fried oyster sliders and Rose (the slider recipe from the Island Creek Oyster Bar sounds awesome!). Talk about explosive flavors for the palate…this match would make Ben Franklin cry. A fresh crisp Rose like the 2010 Casal Garcia is perfecto because of it’s refreshing little …

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Jun 15

Great Wine & Food Combos

You’ve invited your friends over for some hot peppers from the garden and cool, crisp Pinot Grigio. Problem is, it’s like Angelina Jolie and me – it doesn’t mix. You need help from Vinoman…and fast! What I would do is make up a batch of my special Tapas Supremo. Toss one can of regular black olives …

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