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Dec 30

The Future Of Wine

Beam me up Scotty and get me some frozen wine and some space food sticks. Frozen wine? Are you serious? Maybe… The world of wine is changing fast, and to keep up with it you might want to try one of the new wine apps. But who to trust? I played around with an app …

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Dec 27

Fun Wine Facts

The speed of a popped champagne cork ranges between thirty five and one hundred miles per hour. (!!!)

Nov 08

One more reason to drink wine

As if we need another excuse…. ūüôā

Oct 05

There’s always a catch…

Oct 01

The Morning After

Sep 16

Did you know?

A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will continually circulate from the bottom of the glass to the top and back again. How’s that for a neat party trick?

Sep 06

Fun Wine Facts

The world distance record for a cork popped out of a chilled bottle of champagne is 177 feet 9 inches, or about two thirds of a New York City block. Wow!!

Aug 16

What Kind Of Wine Are You?

Let’s have some fun and talk about what type of wine¬†describes you and your lifestyle. Are you soft and elegant like a Pinot Noir grape, or hard and rough like a Cabernet Franc? Get back to me on our Facebook page or at the store and let’s have some fun. Personally, I am a combination …

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Jul 26

Looking for a fun wedding gift for your win-o friends?

It’s wedding season! Tired of trying to figure out how much money to put in¬†the card? P.S…..five bucks hasn’t cut it since 1960 Or¬†have you been¬†gifting your¬†friends with the old standby¬†toaster? Here’s¬†a fabulous wedding gift idea: Three bottles of great wine (pick your price point).¬†One to drink now, one to drink in a year and …

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Jun 24

Who’s Gonna Be First To Try This?

Frederick the Great, King of Prussia (1740 – 1786) disliked the effect of¬†coffee and banned it’s use by commoners. However, he himself drank seven to eight cups every morning – but preferred making his coffee with champagne rather than hot water. Who of ye brave will be the first to taste this coffee of the …

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