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Jan 30

Wine Of The Week- 2010 Line 39 Cabernet

The Central Coast area of California on the 39th parallel is the heart of this vineyard. This expressive and approachable Cabernet is rich with black cherry aromas and beautifully rounded by flavors of luscious dark chocolate and ripe fruit. Gimme a S Gimme a T Gimme an E Gimme an A Gimme a K Whats …

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Oct 12

A.B.C. (anything but Chardonnay)

How funny and fast the wine world changes…. Chardonnay was the star of the wine world for mega years, but these days it’s getting bashed by people who drank so much of it back in the day, that now they prefer anything but. I’m guessing they drank so much Australian and Californian that they got …

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Sep 27

Empire Shines Bright With Stellar Food, Beer,Wine and Service

WOW is all I can say about my recent dining experience at Empire Brewing Company. Walking up to the packed bar, I was served within a minute with a Cream Ale that was superb. The balance of texture and flavor was a home run to a guy who just got out of work. A hand shake from …

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Sep 09

Salice Salentino- The Region, The Wine

In the district of Apulia sits a region known as Salice Salentino. The area produces rich, deep flavored reds perfect for sauce and Sundays. The grape combination of Negroamaro (or black bitter) and Malvasia Nera produces a balanced wine with a price that is very affordable. Italian wines are always value driven, and this ruby …

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Sep 08

Olives and Lemons Catering

Do you need catering for the holidays? Got a party coming up and don’t want the hassle of cooking? Try Olives and Lemons Catering. My friend of 30 years Pete Greco has created interesting menus and tapas for any occasion. We pair my wines with his food and POW, you have a Food Network moment …

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Aug 24

Sauvignon Blanc Grape- The Summer Buddy

If there was a seasonal summer wine buddy to hang with,  it’s the Sauvignon Blanc grape. Always aromatic and fresh, it’s the perfect companion to seafood. I find it comes in three styles: The grapefruity New Zealand style Fresh cut grassy California style Oaky blends with Semillon – fuller bodied, richer, less acidic All have their …

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Aug 11

Hey VinoMan…the only wine my girlfriend will drink is white zin. Help!

Nothing wrong with White Zinfandel….and there is nothing wrong with trying to expand your horizons. I am the best horizon-expander there is when it comes to vino! Let’s get her to one of my free wine tastings (see my calender). You would be surprised at what people really like when they taste different whites and …

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Jul 25

Wine Of The Week-2009 Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc

Can you imagine being in Napa Valley right now drinking fine, crisp white wine on the veranda of a nice restaurant? You can? Wow, your imagination is better than mine… I, on the other hand, will be drinking a 2009 Frogs Leap Sauvignon Blanc at my friend’s house in Solvay. Twin Trees pizza, a nice antipasta …

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Jul 20

Wine Of A Lifetime- 1999 Albert Bichot Pommard

If you do just ONE thing for yourself this week, come down and buy a bottle of this wine: 1999 Burgundy at it’s finest…you’ll rarely get an opportunity to taste aged Burgundy at it’s peak. DO NOT miss this chance or you will cry for a week. Don’t be the person who has to listen to their …

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Jul 18

Wine Of The Week- 2006 Full Circle

It’s time to pull out the best deal in the store….drum roll please- 2006 Saronsberg Full Circle. This three grape combo of Shiraz, Mourvedre and Viognier has a deep rich color with ripe spicy undertones on the nose. A touch of oak gives this charmer just enough backbone to balance the floral finish. Priced in …

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