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Oct 25

Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan, Vol. 4

Fall is here!!! It’s time for age old traditions of pumpkin patches, apple picking and gallons upon gallons of apple cider. In the case of apples, most people try to go the sweet route when applying these gems of nature, but when paired with the right amount of acidity and protein, I prefer it in …

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Sep 15

Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan Vol. 3

The smell of fall is in the air and I am fresh off a day filled with football (Ravens destroyed the Steelers!!), boursin sliders, and chili dogs. It’s time to prepare dinner and there is no question it’s time to step the culinary game up. For this month’s Supper Club, I worked in reverse. Earlier …

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Aug 23

The Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan – Vol. 2

I’d like to start by thanking everyone for their feedback on the first of hopefully many installments of the Sunday Supper Club. Your compliments and criticisms were taken to heart and duly noted. My only hope is for you to have as much fun watching my growth as I’m having hearing about your adventures in …

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Jul 15

Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan – Vol. 1

Hello Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Adam Eagan. I’m the managing partner at the Empire Brewing Company. I’ve got over 20 years of restaurant experience under my belt and I’ve been an experimental home chef since I was 15. Recently one of my mentors Gary Decker (aka VinoMan), asked me to …

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Jul 06

Coming Soon – The Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan

We have a super-cool new feature coming up on the Vinomania blog…”The Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan”. My buddy Adam has been coming to Vinomania for years for wine to go with his mouth-watering gourmet meals.  Ancho and espresso rubbed ribeye, grilled corn and tomato salad in a lime cilantro vinagrette You might know Adam as the owner/manager over at Empire …

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