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Jul 01

Spirit Of The Week – Stoly White Pomegranik

I could not resist showing this Vodka with a slight pomegranate flavor for mixing with cranberry juice or as a fruity martini. I love a good deal and the price for this 1.75 liter bottle is a steal. It’s summertime let’s get the cocktails flying.   Price: $25.00

Feb 24

Wine Tasting

Title: Wine TastingLocation: VinovilleDescription: Wine TastingStart Time: 4:30Date: 3/8/2013End Time: 6:30

Apr 30

Spirit Of The Week – Averna

Italian bitters have been around for hundreds of years pleasing the palate of those in the know. In Sicily,  the Averna family has been perfecting bitters since 1868….not bad! These bitters are used before dinner mixed with soda water and a slice of orange or after dinner as a digestif. I love the Italian style …

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Nov 27

My Favorite Sundays

Hate to bore you, but who doesn’t have their favorite ritual for Sunday? Mine is getting up and doing some yoga then the Sunday paper and coffee. Then it’s time for some work (day off my ass!), maybe mowing the lawn for the last time, or raking leaves. Now for the main event – fresh …

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Oct 11

Fall into the Season

Fall is in the air so let’s move into wines that match the foods that make us comfortable… Casseroles and stews can be very soothing when the cool winds blow, and to have a glass of Pinot Noir or Cote du Rhone to accent the food is bliss. Pinot Noir certainly comes in various styles …

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