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Aug 09

VinoMan Dictionary – Cork Tease

Cork-tease (kawrk teez) – someone who constantly talks about a wine she will open but never does

Jul 31

VinoMan Dictionary – WineGasm

Did you know that July 31 is National Orgasm Day? WineGasm (wayn-gaz-uh m) – 1. The feeling of euphoric glee and finding a wine being sought for special brand name, vintage, kind or even price, any of which can make the bottle rare and/or desirable. 2. A wine bar in Astoria, NY

Jul 14

VinoMan Dictionary – Wangover

Wangover (wang-OH-ver) – The ill effects of over-imbibing your favorite vino – a wine induced hangover. Note: The red wine induced wangover is particularly disagreeable.