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Mar 06

Wine Of The Week- 2011 Max Richter Riesling

This lively, fruity German Riesling has accents of apple, pear and citrus with floral notes.   Price: $13

Jul 15

Sunday Supper Club with Adam Eagan – Vol. 1

Hello Everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Adam Eagan. I’m the managing partner at the Empire Brewing Company. I’ve got over 20 years of restaurant experience under my belt and I’ve been an experimental home chef since I was 15. Recently one of my mentors Gary Decker (aka VinoMan), asked me to …

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Jun 30

Hey VinoMan…will I like this wine?

Lots of new wine drinkers fixate on one type of vino when they begin their journey into the Land of Wine. My friend Tom – a lifelong beer drinker – began dabbling in wine rather (ahem) late in life. He quickly discovered that he likes German Rieslings. Despite the fact there are TONS of great …

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Jun 20

Wine Of The Week

Achtung….the German red 2007 Dornfelder Dry is trying to blitzkreig all the crisp summer white wines from your table. This chill-able (slightly) red tastes like a good Beaujolais from France. Break down and try it with BBQ or shish kabob on a cool night. The price? An astounding $12.00. Steal it today at Vinomania. P.S. …

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