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Aug 11

Wine of the Week – 2012 Protos Verdejo

This has got to be one of the best deals I’ve gotten in a long time…..one of Spain’s best producers has created a crisp clean white for the tail end of the summer. The Verdejo grape shows balanced acidity and a touch of fruit over the nose. Normally $16 a bottle, but through crafty buying …

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May 23

Wine Of The Week – 2012 Ameztoi Rose

      A Spanish rose from the Basque region made from a grape called Txakolina is one of our summer favorites in the store. This light pink dry styled wine has a little watermelon and strawberry over the nose and a bone dry finish. All the roses (or adult Kool-Aid as I like to …

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May 06

Wine Of The Week – 2008 Val Sotillo

Spanish value is always the way to go in the current wine world and the area called Ribera del Duero is making some of the tastiest red out there. This Crianza (Spanish wine aged 1 year in oak barrels) red has some cherry hints over the nose with a little toasty dark fruit to follow. …

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Sep 17

Wine Of The Week – 2011 Naire Frizzante

Verdejo grape made in a sparkling format from Spain is the workhorse of this wine. The fact that most verdejo is made on the tart crisp side and this one is made on the semi sweet side is interesting…..it shows that winemakers are willing to experiment with new trends for the public. Great wine for …

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Aug 30

Wine of the Week – 2011 Juan Gil Dry Muscat

Muscat grape can be made into dry, sweet or sparkling wine. This one happens to be the dry variety. Fresh fruit and citrus with a refreshing mouth feel makes this wine perfect for seafood or smoked salmon. Squeeze in that last summer grilling with clams on the barby and this Spanish dream. Price: $10.99

Sep 19

2010 Estanas Rosado

You must be able to squeeze in one more Rose for summer, right? I got 5 cases in (P. S. that’s all I could get), and it tastes fantastic! Spain is making a mark on the Rose world producing tasty crisp Roses that can drink alone or with a variety of dishes. Sangrias are hot, …

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Aug 22

2010 Vega Sindoa Garnacha Rose – Wine Of The Week

A classic new-world style of Rose made in the old world would be a good way to describe the Vega Sindoa Garnacha Rose. What do I mean by that? Old-world style Rose is normally a lot lighter, using less grape skin contact resulting in a lighter bodied wine. The new-world style produces a richer, fruit …

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Aug 12

Late Summer Clam Grill

Wow, the summer is flying by… but there is still time for one of my favorite activities – The Clam Grill! Get a bag of clams (I like the small tender babies), fire up the grill and throw ’em on. As soon as they open they’re done. Leaving them to cook in their own juice …

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Aug 04

Sea Bass In Parcels

Another fab fish recipe made for summer grilling and cold Spanish wine: Lay out some tin foil and put some fresh sea bass in the center. Top with olive oil and add shallots , garlic , sun-dried tomatoes (cut in thin strips), capers, black olives and lemon juice. Sprinkle with paprika then fold the top of the …

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Jun 27

Wine Of The Week

2010 Verderol… a Spanish white made from the Verdejo grape, and so fresh it will slap you. Chill this thrill and get the summer started right! Rated 94, or was it 49? Oh well… it tastes great, that’s what counts. For only $12.00 you can pretend you’re in Madrid eating tapas and heading for the bull …

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