Wine 101

Wine 101


Hey VinoMan…..


1. I’ve heard that you should always serve red wine with red meat and white wine with fish and poultry. True or false?

True AND false. The rules have changed because of funky new chefs experimenting with cool combos like salmon baked with a soy/honey crust and good Pinot Noir. It’s your thing, do what you wanna do. (Isley Bros)

2. How long will my wine keep after I open it? Is there a way to make it last longer?

To me a wine loses fruit after a day or so opened. To make it last try Vacu-Vin, which is a pump system that sucks out the air so it doesn’t oxidize or age, or my method which is to take a screw cap half bottle and pour the wine in it to the top and screw the top on. This gives you a chance to drink the rest at an convenient time. You want to keep the big bad air away from your vino.

3. Whats the best way to store wine?

Out of the sunlight and 55 degrees is best – a nice cool, dark spot.

4. Does my wine really need to “breathe”?

Mostly big tannic reds will open up or breathe making them soften up or smooth out when exposed to air.  Not a bad idea to get a decanter and try decanting all your reds for a half hour or so.

5. Is price a good indication of quality?

Quality should be about what tastes good to you. Any wine that cost big money ($ 20 or more) better deliver enjoyment or they won’t be around long.

6. I’m seeing more and more wines with screw caps instead of corks…does a screw cap mean the wine isn’t very good?

Ten years ago Plumpjack Winery put out their $110.00 Cabernet with a screw cap. People are getting use to buying a wine and consuming it immediately, so on with the screw caps I say. Good wine is inside  the bottle not the carrier it comes in.